Tuscany Tiles stock a complete range of quality adhesive for every surface.

We recommend Leader flex when tiling on wood. Benfer Flex for heated screeds or any cement screeds. Benfer fix for cement screed only and with a fast drying time to get the job done. Benfer flex C2 will cover heated or standard cement floor screeds and walls. With a slower setting time its great for large areas and larger format tiles that require a bit more care. Soloflex anhydrite is a specialised adhesive engineered for anhydrite screeds, with direct application and without the need for priming. Our Primers are superior ready made and ready to go. This provides a guaranteed mixture for bond strength on anhydrite, wood, glass and tile. Our Deko grout range consists of 1-6mm smooth flexible and stain resistant, everything you need to finish.

For more advice and technical information phone or call in to Tucansy Tiles and Bathrooms.