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LEVTEC Tile Levelling System is an exciting new wedge driven product developed for laying wall and floor tiles.

During our research and development phase key factors in the design were bringing to the market a superior product that would create accurate surfaces efficiently while being cost effective, user friendly and doing away with expensive clamping tools.

The forefront of the LEVTEC design was expansion between the products being laid.
LEVTEC Tile Levelling System when used leaves all joints completely free. When the wedge and clip are removed at the final stages of the process the breakpoint is located below the surface of the tiles being levelled, leaving the joints completely free for grouting or expansion as to Australian standards.

Features of the LEVTEC clip are:

  •  The base plate has a bevelled edge for easy placement between the tile and substrate. This bevel also collects adhesive in the adhesive grooves to maximize bond.

  •  The top of the clip has side lugs that are in place to disperse force for easy removal of the products.

  •  The clip is made from a durable material that during the installation process virtually eliminates accidental breakages.

    LEVTEC Tile Levelling system was designed by a company with years of industry knowledge, and through rigorous research and testing has developed the best system on the market.

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