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MULTIPLAN-50 FI Fibre reinforced rapid setting cement based self-levelling compound.


• Fibre reinforced, suitable on plywood overlay

• Suitable on underfloor heating

• Fast curing, foot traffic after 2-3 hours*

• Flexible, polymer modified

• Low emission

• Easy to process, can be pump applied

• For layers 1-50mm thick

• For interior application only

• New formula, more fluid 

Areas of Application:

MULTIPLAN-50 FI is used for smoothening and levelling in layers of 1-50mm thick. Suitable substrates are concrete floors in accordance with DIN 1045, heated and unheated cement based screeds and non in accordance with DIN 18560, old, well bonded tile finishes and rapid cement based screeds. MULTIPLAN-50 FI is also suitable for use on plywood overlay, on chipboard and on old wooden floorboards as well. • On timber floor boards; • On old substrates with bonded adhesive and levelling compound residues; • For the restoration and repair of wooden floors and additionally for screeds and substrates in old and new construction; • For producing flat, absorbent, high strength installation surfaces for textile and elastic floor finishes as well as for ceramic tiles; • Suitable for use on heated substrates.

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