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This specialist product was designed to prevent any stone, artificial stone, grout, polished tiles or unglazed ceramics from staining by actually penetrating into the pours and forming an invisible film making the surface resistant to water, oil, grease, foodstuff and general dirt, leaving these on the surface to be easily cleaned off. It must be noted that any sealer / impregnator will only be effective if it is applied properly from the outset and that they are designed to act as a barrier for a period of time.


It will not affect the appearance of the surface and poses no health risk when applied. This impregnator is not intended to leave a sheen or a gloss finish on the surface. If this happens simply clean the floor with a towel dampened in White Spirits and buff lightly with a dry towel. S.M.P. Stain Guard will greatly enhance the colour of the stone / tiles.

Directions for use:

After fitting but before grouting clean floor thoroughly using S.M.P. Heavy Duty Residue Remover or S.M.P. Intensive Clean (Read labels carefully before use) added to the wash water. Remove dirty residue from the surface with clean water (changing water frequently) and allow to dry thoroughly. Apply one coat of S.M.P. Stain Guard and allow to dry overnight. After grouting clean floor as above allow to dry and apply a second coat of S.M.P. Stain Guard.


To prolong the life and appearance of the floor use only S.M.P. Sealed Floor Maintainer added to the wash water as a regular cleaner.


Coverage will depend on the porosity of the surface being treated and will range from 5-10sq. metres per litre.

Technical Information and C.O.S.H.:

See relevant notes at the back of this Product Guide.

** NB Always test this product on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility **