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Kryo is the ceramic interpretation of a brecciated dolomite from Brazil that encapsulates the veined appearance of marble and the compactness of granite crystals.
The background colour of this stone is in fact animated by broad swirls of darker colour that overlap with a dense texture of inclusions set within it. This movement contrasts with a light background dotting that adds a further level of depth to the product.

Kryo is offered in Natural colour, in which the dominant shade is a cold grey; in Intense colour, with decidedly darker and more marked tones; and finally in Frost colour: a proposal of warmer grey tones with shades tending towards beige.

Kryo is available in 9.0 mm thickness in sizes 120×120, 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 with R10 – B finish. For outdoor use, the range is completed by the 60×120 Outdoor Plus and 60×60 Outdoor Plus formats in 20 mm thickness with structured finish and R11 – C non-slip characteristics.
Also completing the proposal are the 10×60 strips and the 5×5 mosaic, particularly suitable as decorative solutions for bathtubs, showers and kitchen counter tops.