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Brighten up your bathroom with one of our stunning mirrors or mirrored cabinets, with a host of useful features to choose from. Keeping things steam-free is a big bonus for a bathroom mirror. If you love a soundtrack to accompany you wherever you go, then why not bring your music into the bathroom with Bluetooth® technology or Spotify Connect®. Be in control of your lighting by choosing a cabinet or mirror that allows you to adjust both the intensity & warmth of illumination to suit the time of day or task in hand. Take a browse through our extensive collection to find the perfect choice for you. The diffused outer edge of Eminence provides both practical forward facing task lighting and soft background ambient lighting for the bathroom.



  • On/off infrared switch controlled by contactless hand movements
  • Heated demister pad prevents mirror steaming up
  • IP44 rated


Style & Size:

Eminence Oval Mirror

Size - 490(w) x 650(h) x 35mm(d) EM65OAL

Eminence Pill Mirror

Size - 500(w) x 800(h) x 35mm(d) EM80PAL

Eminence Circular Mirror 550

Size - 550mm x 35mm(d) EM55CAL

Eminence Circular Mirror 800

Size - 800mm x 35mm(d) EM80CAL

Eminence Mirror 500

Size - 500(w) x 700(h) x 35mm(d) EM70RAL 

Eminence Mirror 600

Size - 600(w) x 800(h) x 35mm(d) EM80RAL


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