Grey Marble Tiles; A Truly Timeless Statement

Grey Marble Tiles; A Truly Timeless Statement

Posted by Tuscany Tiles & Bathrooms on 12th Nov 2021

Believed to have derived from the Greek word for “shining stone” or the verbs to “flash, sparkle, gleam”, marble has been a favoured material in architecture throughout history. Being a metamorphic rock composed of recrystalized carbonate materials, marbles unique and opulent appearance can truly transform a space. Although a naturally stunning, and durable product, natural marble still requires the surface to be sealed and maintained throughout its life. In recent years advances in digital technology, tile industry designers have taken this timeless product and created truly life-like representations of the natural stone and produced an extensive variety of styles, colours and size options without the maintenance associated with the natural material. Yes, no sealing required and the benefit of harder scratch resistant surfaces transforms it into a truly modern material ready for the demands of modern homes.

At Tuscany Tiles & Bathrooms we have taken the best the industry has to offer of this beautiful stone and added it to our new 2022 collections. The trending Grey Marble Bathroom Tiles is one example of a classic option. This marble tile colour has a great fan base with a variety of shades, tones and sizes to suit any project. 

Although marble has been classic bathroom tile, dating back to the Roman empires exquisite baths. Marble floor tiles have provided stunning floor installation throughout history. Our large format Porcelain Marble Style Tile ranges offer all you will need to compliment any room. At home as a Marble Kitchen Floor Tile or Statement Marble Hall Tile this stone variety can adorn any space.  

From the statues of Leonardo Da Vinci to the great Taj Mahal, this magnificent stone is showcased in some of man’s greatest art and architecture. Come and see our extensive range of marble tile and create your own masterpiece with the help of our talented team.

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