Downtown 30x60, 60,60, 40x80, 80x80

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Downtown Procelain tile for walls and floor

Uniqueness is sometimes originated by
chance encounters, by the overlapping of
technologies and materials and is dictated
by the flowing of time. DOWNTOWN is
a new collection that holds different and
varied inspirations to give life to a
surface, new and original, in which stories
of city paths can be read.
They are fragments that remain fixed
indelibly in the memory, the stones,
the pebbles, the sidewalks’ concrete,
trampled on thousands of times, become
a unique and inseparable material, of
which the chromatic variations indicate the
belonging to a place. Here then are the
five colourings of Downtown - Ivory, Ecru,
Earth, Ash, Graphite – that allow to play
with a past that is also modern, making
it a refined ingredient of projects of a fully
contemporary taste.
Downtown , in porcelain tiles, is proposed
both with natural edges as well as with
rectified edges and with honed surface,
allowing an extremely simplicity of use



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