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How to tile a bathroom wall

How to Tile a Bathroom Wall

how-to-tile-a-bathroom-wall.jpgIf you are thinking about tiling your bathroom wall you will be pleased to hear that the process is simple enough that you should be able to handle it yourself. Even without previous experience, if you have a weekend to spare you can generally finish a small to medium bathroom inside two days. The end result will be a refreshing look to your bathroom décor that will serve the double purpose of protecting your wall. To get started you need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job which include a tile cutter or tile saw, a grout spreader, straight level, adhesive spreader, and tile spacers.

Prepping Walls

Once you have all of the tools then it is time to prep your walls. To do this you need to clean all of the walls you plan to tile and then dry them. You also will need to make sure the surface of the wall is as flat as can be, so if there are any bumps or imperfections you may want to sand them down. Then you will need to start cutting the tiles that you are going to put on the wall. The size of the bathroom will determine how many you need. Start with the lowest row and then slowly work your way up from the bottom towards the ceiling. Remember to allow for openings like windows and make sure you measure to the back of the reveal. 

Cutting Tiles

When you are ready to cut, mark off where you need to cut with a felt-tip pen. This is a useful tip, because you can wipe off the pen after cutting so that the surface remains unmarked when you place it up on the wall. If you are using an electric cutter you just place the blade against the line and cut. If you are using a manual tile cutter score the tile and then firmly and evenly snap it off. Make sure to go back and smooth out any hard edges you may have left with the tile sander. Also take some time to check your adhesive to make sure that it is waterproof. After all, there is a lot of water in the bathroom and you need to make sure that your adhesive will stick properly to the wall.

Tiling & Adhesives

Most of the time adhesives are pre-mixed, but if yours is not, go ahead and mix it up and get started. Start with basic areas with one metre squares, so that you can get the hang of the process. Place the adhesive on the tile and then grab a spacer to separate it from the other wall tiles. Then take a damp sponge and clean up any excess that may come out of the sides of the wall tile. Also, make sure that your grout is waterproof for full protection. This is even more important if the tiles are going to be near the shower or bath. Finally, before putting on the grout, let the tile sit on the wall for 24 hours to make sure that the adhesive has set properly.